Ground Zero Cafe Drysdale

Fantastic Coffee, Food & Service

Friday Nights@GZC...

Ground Zero Cafe Drysdale, Located in the Heart of The Bellarine Peninsula

1/34 Murradoc Road, Drysdale | Phone 03 5251 5100

Space & Atmosphere

Walk into Ground Zero Cafe Drysdale and there’s an immediate sense of space: high ceilings, wide walkways, shared tables, large comfortable couches. Everywhere you look, there’s space to spread out and relax, to converse, to be at ease. By yourself or with a group. On the run. Or with time to ponder.


Your Happy Place

Relatively new to the cafe scene in Drysdale, Ground Zero is fresh, modern, industrial. Here there’s no squeezing and shuffling to place your order or to get seated. And no mental gymnastics wondering how to jemmy yourself and a stroller into the available space – without strolling over too many toes on the way. Easy & sophisticated. Your happy place that keeps everyone smiling.

Coffee Haven on The Bellarine

Settle in, breathe out a silent prayer of thanks and breathe in the aroma, for the real secret here is the coffee. From the machine we use (only a handful exist around Australia) to prepare and dispense your favourite brew, to the beans we choose and the care with which we serve it – all of it, each step, is selected to optimise your experience & enjoyment in every drop.

Our Coffee

100% ARABICA – our blend is rich and full bodied. Inspired by the traditional Italian espresso and blended with the Australian palate in mind. This medium-dark roast is low in acid.

A standout as either an espresso or milk based coffee, it will tower over most other coffees, giving you a true Italian style with a unique Australian touch.

Good Days Start Here

Make your day.

Bacon, Eggs & Coffee. Is there a better way to start? Or top up along the way?

These things are true: All-day Breakfast. Make friends with salad. Bacon fixes everything – even a salad.

The world works, mostly. In mysterious and beautiful ways.

Go on, make your day.

Healthy, Exotic Juices & Boosters

Take a moment,
get your smile on.

Dial back your Heart Beet,
let off some steam.

All Hale The Kale,
happy Sunrise, Vanilla Bean.

Carrot & Ginger, a blue/orange do.

A Tropical Dream?

– ’tis a Dream on the Bellarine.

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